Concrete Doped With Microbes Gains Durability

Scientists in Japan have found that the rate of corrosion of steel bars in concrete can be slowed by embedding aerobic bacteria within cement.

Engineering Yeast To Perform Green Chemistry

By genetically modifying yeast, a team of scientists in Japan has managed to produce 1,2,4-butanetriol in a more environmentally-friendly manner.

Maximizing The Potential Of Induced Stem Cells

Researchers in Japan and the US have discovered a way to reprogram mature cells into stem cells that can transform into all cell types of the body, including the placenta.

Scientists Develop A Hair-Raising Protocol

By encapsulating hair follicle stem cells in collagen and growing them with skin cells in a U-shaped well plate array, researchers in Japan have found a way to grow hair at scale for transplantation.

Engineering Microbes For Urban Farming

By defining biological components involved in chemical synthesis as standard DNA cassettes for bacteria, scientists in Singapore hope to give urban farming a boost.

‘Frankenbodies’ Light Up Live Cells

A research group in Japan has created hybrid antibodies that can bind to and label specific targets in living cells.

Positioning Biotech Start-ups For Success

From sourcing for investments to commercializing products, a panel of experts shared their advice for biotech start-ups at A*STAR’s Drug Development Week.


Alternative meat, otherwise known as ‘alt-meat,’ is having quite a moment in Asia, with strong venture capital interest and increasing public awareness and acceptance.

Supercharging Bacterial Biofuel Production

Researchers in South Korea have developed a new strategy to efficiently produce fatty acids and biofuels from glucose.