A Biosensor With Spider-Sense

Researchers in South Korea have developed a biosensor that has detection capability 20 times faster than existing ones.

Frog Mucus Yields Virus-Killing Peptides

Researchers have isolated a peptide from frog mucus that can kill a wide range of flu viruses but appears harmless to human cells.

Modified CRISPR Gene Editing Proves Highly Accurate

Scientists in South Korea have shown that a Cas9 gene editing variant has much fewer off-target effects.

ChemChina’s Syngenta Acquisition Approved

China’s state-owned agrochemical company ChemChina has been cleared to acquire Syngenta, a Swiss agriculture research company.

Drought-Resistant Rice Strain Created

A genetically modified strain of rice has proven itself to be remarkably drought resistant in various real-world scenarios.

3D Fingerprint Scans Made Faster And Cheaper

This contactless system can accurately scan a human fingerprint in 3D in just two seconds.

Students Help Build Synthetic Yeast Chromosome

These synthetic yeast chromosomes bring scientists one step closer to creating artificial life.

Sieving Out MicroRNAs In A Matter Of Milliseconds

Scientists in Japan have developed a nanobiodevice that can separate microRNAs from DNA in the fraction of a second.

Precise Gene Editing One SNP At A Time

Researchers in South Korea have produced the first transgenic mice using a base editor protein fused to CRISPR-Cas9.