3D Printing A Better Artificial Cornea

A research team in South Korea has used 3D printing to fabricate a transparent cornea by mimicking human corneal structure.

A Gold-Laced Protein Cage For Drug Delivery

By including gold atoms in the fabrication process, researchers in Japan and Poland have created nano-sized protein cages with ‘impossible’ geometries.

3D Printing ‘Paper Organs’

Researchers from China and the US have 3D printed cellulose to create scaffolds that could be used to generate tissue models for drug screening.

Flash Freezing Cells Without Antifreeze

By printing minuscule droplets with cells in them, researchers in Japan were able to flash freeze biological samples in the absence of cyroprotectant agents.

Lab-Grown Mini-Brains Link Up

Researchers in Japan have found a way to mimic the architecture of the brain using neurons grown on a microdevice.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Lee Sang Yup

By tweaking the metabolic pathways of living organisms, Professor Lee Sang Yup is maximizing the synergy between biology and chemistry for the benefit of industry and society.

Locating Anticancer Drugs Lodged In DNA

A team of scientists in Japan has used tiny probes and an electrical current to find the position of anticancer drug molecules that get incorporated into DNA.

WuXi STA And BioLingus Partner On Drug Delivery

The collaboration leverages BioLingus' platform for stabilizing and delivering drugs via tissues under the tongue.

Scientists Create ‘Google Map’ For Metabolic Engineering

A team of scientists in South Korea has created a comprehensive metabolic map of pathways for synthesizing industrial bio-based chemicals.