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Special Delivery: A New Way To Transport Sperm

In a seminal development, researchers from Japan have successfully mailed freeze-dried mouse sperm via a postcard.
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Revolutionizing Immunology With ImmunoScape’s Deep Immunomics Platform

From cancer to COVID-19, ImmunoScape’s Deep Immunomics platform sheds new light on individual responses to treatments and vaccines, creating breakthroughs in the fight against disease.

The Wearables Wicking Sweat Away

Sweat, begone! Using a new technique, researchers are creating porous membranes for wearable biosensors that rapidly remove water on the skin.

Conditioning Devices Like Pavlov’s Dogs

By associating light with pressure, the new device opens the doors for technologies that can simultaneously process and store information like the human brain.

BioNTech Sets Its Sights On Singapore

BioNTech is headed for Southeast Asia, with Singapore set to host a fully operational regional office and mRNA production facility by 2023.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw: India’s First Lady Of Biotech

Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is spearheading India's rapid transition from generic drugs supplier to a bonafide biotechnology innovator.

Scaling Up Spider Silk Production

Researchers in Japan have produced artificial spider silk using photosynthetic bacteria, opening the possibility of mass produced spider silk.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Maoi Arroyo

Biologist by training and entrepreneur by spirit, Maoi Arroyo aspires to build a strong biotechnology ecosystem in the Philippines.

Are You Ready For REACH Compliance?

Partnering with a reliable biotechnology supplier can help ensure your product is REACH compliant.