Two From Asia Win UNESCO’s Man And The Biosphere Young Scientists Awards

Two early-career scientists from Indonesia and the Philippines were recognized for their efforts to promote sustainable development in ecosystems.

Revealing The True Scale Of The Reptile Trade

Nearly 40 percent of all known reptile species are being traded illegally, researchers find.

Doom For The Planet: The Insect Apocalypse

They may not be as charismatic as the pandas or polar bears, but insects are indispensable to life as we know it.

How The Pufferfish Got Its Spines

An international team of biologists has found that homologs of genes involved in hair and feather formation in other vertebrates are responsible for pufferfish spine development.

National Parks To Pave The Way For China’s ‘Ecological Civilization’

Integrated management of China’s protected areas through the newly formed National Park Administration could boost both conservation and tourism.

Scientists Find Two New Species Of Tweezer-Beaked Hopping Rats

After failing to bait the rodents with peanut butter, scientists in the Philippines and the US switched to using earthworms to finally discover two new species of rats living in the mountains of the Philippines.

Better Protection Needed For Tiger Geckos In Vietnam

International trade in tiger geckos is decimating the population of the 19 species of lizard native to China, Vietnam and Japan.

New Species of Frog In India Belongs To Ancient Lineage

The last common ancestor of the starry dwarf frog may have existed tens of millions of years ago, say researchers in India and the US.

Study Predicts Major Losses To Asian Elephant Habitats By 2070

Asian elephants may lose up to 42 percent of suitable habitats in India and Nepal by 2070, according to research by an international team of scientists.