Distinguishing Philippine Frogs By Ear

By listening to their mating calls, researchers have confirmed that two near-identical fanged frogs from the Philippines belong to distinct species.

Extinct Rodents Of Unusual Size Found In Philippine Cave

New fossils suggest that giant cloud rats roamed the Philippines and lived alongside ancient humans for over 60,000 years.

Four Asian Scientists Named 2021 Pew Marine Fellows

As Pew Marine Fellows, four researchers from Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and China will address some of the biggest challenges facing our oceans.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s March 2021 Roundup

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Survival At Stake In Humanity’s Relationship With Nature

To restore humanity's relationship with nature, international collaboration and policy, civic society engagement, changing behaviors and shifting mindsets are needed.

Newly Discovered Firefly Lights Up Singapore

As the first of its kind to be described in over a century, a uniquely Singaporean firefly is shedding a new light on biodiversity in the city-state.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s February 2021 Roundup

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Scientists Rediscover ‘Extinct’ Philippine Mouse

Once thought to be extinct, the rediscovery of the Pinatubo volcano mouse provides hope for wildlife conservation in the Philippines.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Phillip Alviola

The Philippines’ own Batman, wildlife biologist and bat virologist Dr. Phillip Alviola is on a crusade to conserve the country’s rich forest and cave ecosystems.