Saving Tigers Helped Reduce India’s Carbon Emissions

Research shows that tiger conservation interventions prevented forest loss, leading to reduced emissions and ecosystem benefits.

beetles, weevils, Trigonopterus

Meet New Weevils Including One Named Corona

Scientists have discovered 28 new species of beetles belonging to the weevil genus Trigonopterus on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.
wan jusoh, singapore, firefly

Safeguarding Singapore’s Natural Heritage (VIDEO)

Dr. Wan Jusoh is championing the conservation of Singapore’s biodiversity, from studying flashing fireflies to piecing together snapshots of how ecosystems evolve over time.

A Conservation Lesson: Big Cat Worship Eases Living With Leopards

A study documents how worshipping a big cat deity shapes the way people share spaces with leopards in India, providing new insights in conservation.

Once In A Century Shot: Rediscovering Borneo’s Rajah Scops Owl

After capturing the first-ever photographs of a Bornean Rajah scops owl, researchers hope to study the rediscovered bird in greater detail.

Uncovering The History Of The Tiger Genome

Historic dips in the population from a wildly endangered past have led to a split between genetically diverse tiger subspecies and several inbred individuals.

Rewriting The (Under)story Of Rapid Bird Evolution

Contrary to typically long evolutionary timeframes, Sulawesi babblers have diversified surprisingly quickly on Indonesia's islands.

Disease-causing Parasites Hitch Ride On Trumpet Snails

In order to survive and breed, parasitic flatworms in Southeast Asia use several species of trumpet snail as hosts—posing a threat to public health.

Why Macaques Minimally Interact In Palm Oil Plantations

Faced with constant threats, macaques acted more aggressively and showed reduced social bonding inside palm oil plantations, research shows.

Philippine Birds On The Brink Of Extinction

Deforestation, habitat degradation and wildlife exploitation are among the factors increasing the extinction risk of Philippine birds, find scientists.