Ancient Chinese Archives Track Decline Of Rare Apes

Combing through historical records, scientists have charted the decline of gibbons in China through the centuries.

Numbers May Mask Fish Biodiversity Loss

A realistically complex mathematical model of fish ecosystems has shown that increased numbers may mask the loss of biodiversity.

New Bird Species Discovered In China

The Sichuan bush warbler, Locustella chengi, has been named after the late Professor Cheng Tso-hsin.

NUS Launches Singapore’s First Natural History Museum

The US$41 million Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is an important resource for Southeast Asian biodiversity researchers.

Asian Medical Plants Face Extinction Risk

The loss of Asia's biodiversity could also mean the loss of future drugs, with natural products the source of more than a third of the drugs available on the market.

Two Unusual Anemones Found In Japan

Unlike other members of the same species, the newly discovered anemone do not have symbiotic, photosynthetic algae.

Xinjiang’s Diverse Seed Beetles

Researchers have discovered 19 different species of seed beetle in Xinjiang, China, including four that were not previously associated with the region.

Climate Change Threatens India’s Native Plants

Even moderate climate change could have an impact on the native biodiversity of India, home to 11 percent of the world's flora.

Consider Nuclear, For Biodiversity’s Sake

Nuclear energy should be considered to prevent biodiversity loss from converting land to renewable energy uses, researchers say.