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Ozone Pollution Threatens Asia’s Food Security

Ozone pollution has been linked with about US$63 billion in annual crop production losses, slashing wheat, rice and maize yield in East Asia.

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The Meaty Culprits Behind Air Pollution-Linked Deaths

Shifting to a less meat-intensive diet could reduce air pollution and avoid 75,000 annual premature deaths in China.
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Two From Southeast Asia Win Science Prize for Women 2021

For working to achieve clean water and clean air, Singapore's Dr. Li Hongying and Indonesia's Dr. Neni Sintawardani have won the Underwriters Laboratory-ASEAN-US Science Prize for Women 2021.

India’s Poorest Suffer Most From Air Pollution

India’s low-income households are at significantly higher risk for premature deaths due to air pollution compared to high-income groups.

Clearing The Way For Better Indoor Air Quality

The need for clean air indoors has made the indoor air quality market ripe for technological innovation. Download our white paper to find out more.

Residual Crop Burning In India Poses Health Risks, Economic Losses

Researchers in India and the US have found that residual crop burning to clear farmland is linked to poor respiratory health and up to US$30 million in economic losses annually.

Smart Window Tunes Light Intensity And Filters Air

Scientists in China have developed a silver-nylon mesh which can be used as a smart window to regulate indoor light intensity and reduce exposure to air pollution.

Study: Dirty Air Linked To Lower Worker Productivity

Prolonged exposure to pollutant particles takes a toll on the productivity of workers in China, research shows.

As PM2.5 Falls, Ozone Pollution Rises In China

Fine particulate matter in the air, while harmful for health, act as a sponge for free radicals that help produce ozone, according to research by scientists in China and the US.

Cleaner Power Sources Could Save 26 Million Years Of Life

Eliminating emissions by switching to cleaner power sources could add years to people’s lives in China and India, according to a study by scientists in the US.