air pollution

Clean Air Halves Health Costs In Chinese City

Measures to tackle air pollution in Taiyuan, China, are estimated to have saved the government more than US$621 million in healthcare costs.

Incense Use Linked To Cardiovascular Disease

Study shows that daily incense use is associated with a higher mortality rate due to cardiovascular disease.

Climate Change Could Undermine Food Security

Taking into account the effects of both climate change and air pollution, researchers predict that the resulting fall in global food production will cause a 30 percent increase in undernourishment.

Broccoli Sprouts Help Detoxify Inhaled Air Pollutants

Scientists have found that daily consumption of a broccoli sprout beverage led to the increased detoxification of the air pollutants benzene and acrolein.

Reduced Indoor Air Pollution With NUS-Developed Filters

Designed to work with existing fans, the AiRazor filtration system effectively removes small particles and volatile organic compounds from indoor air.

Goods And Pollution Made In China For U.S.

Study finds that air pollution blowing across the Pacific Ocean is often caused by manufacturing goods for export to the U.S. and Europe.

Chinese Scientist Proposes Spraying Water Into The Air To Curb Pollution

Spraying water into the atmosphere from sprinklers atop tall buildings and towers could cut back on air pollution, according to a scientist.

Air Pollution Causes Cancer, So Let’s Do Something About It

Bin Jalaludin of the University of New South Wales discusses how outdoor air pollution could be carcinogenic to humans.

China’s ‘Pollution Diet’: A Touchstone For The National Modernization Project

The State Council of China aims to reduce airborne particles by 25 percent in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.