air pollution

New Delhi Smog “Rivals 1952 London”

The PM 2.5 concentration in New Delhi, India is more than twice of Beijing, China, previously the world's most polluted city.

China On Track To Achieving Air Quality Targets

Scientists in China reported that measures to improve air quality in Chinese cities have paid off, with a 21 percent reduction in PM2.5 levels since 2013.

Jenny Su Awarded Harvard’s Public Health Leadership Award

NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su will be the first foreign graduate to receive the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's Leadership Award in Public Health Practice.

Asian Dust Exposure May Trigger Heart Attacks

Breathing in particles from Asian dust storms can trigger heart attacks, particularly in patients with chronic kidney disease.

More Dust Actually Improves Air Quality In China

Reduced dust slows winds and increases air stagnation over cities like Beijing in China.

7 Must-Read Stories In March 2017

Science in Asia is on the move, from gene editing to particle physics and even robotic turtles.

World’s First Coal-To-Ethanol Plant Up And Running In China

The plant built by the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics has the capacity produce 100,000 metric tons of ethanol per year.

Tighter Air Quality Standards Could Save Millions Of Lives In China

Bringing China's air quality to the World Health Organization's standards could help prevent three million deaths a year.

East Asian Dust Storms Linked To Algal Blooms

Dust storms like the one that hit China in 2010 dump iron into the oceans, sparking massive algal blooms.