chameleon robot south korea

Color-changing Robot Hides In Plain Sight

From detecting surrounding colors to changing patterns on display, a robot can now mimic chameleons’ uncanny ability of blending in with the surroundings.

Capturing Curved Objects Through X-rays

A flexible X-ray created by embedding nanocrystals in rubber is paving the way for the ultra-high-resolution imaging of curved objects.

Meet The Magnet-Controlled Miniature Robots

Measuring the size of a grain of rice, these new miniature robots can move across three dimensions with the help of magnetic fields.

The Wearables Wicking Sweat Away

Sweat, begone! Using a new technique, researchers are creating porous membranes for wearable biosensors that rapidly remove water on the skin.

Charging Tiny Electronics With WiFi

A Singapore-Japan team has devised a method to harness WiFi signals and convert them into energy, powering small electronics like LEDs in the process.

Conditioning Devices Like Pavlov’s Dogs

By associating light with pressure, the new device opens the doors for technologies that can simultaneously process and store information like the human brain.

Zhurong Rover Takes China To Mars

As China’s first rover on Mars, Zhurong is set to probe the Red Planet’s magnetic field and search for subsurface water, making its mark in a new era of space voyages.

New Device Helps Robots Get A Grip

An all-round gripper developed by South Korean researchers can freely handle objects regardless of shape and material.

Meet The World’s First Microalgae Burger

Burger lovers, rejoice! The world's first burger patty made from microalgae packs a protein punch at a fraction of meat's environmental cost.