What Happens When You Overcharge A Battery

Understanding what causes dendrites in lithium-ion batteries could help make the ubiquitous technology safer.

An A-Peeling Way To Recycle Batteries

Orange peels are an environmentally-friendly alternative to harmful chemicals and high temperatures used in conventional lithium-ion battery recycling processes.

Hiding Images From Prying AIs

Researchers in Singapore have developed a way of distorting images so that they will not be recognized by machines but are still intelligible to humans.

Diagnosing COVID-19 In An Hour

Researchers in Singapore have developed a point-of-care diagnostic system for COVID-19 that is portable, easy to use and produces results in about an hour.

Test Detects SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibodies In Hours

Not only is it much faster than conventional tests, it does not need to be performed in special biosafety laboratories.

Helping Robots Spring Into Action

An international research team has constructed insect-size millirobots that can fling themselves into the air like trap-jaw ants.

Smart Contact Lenses Help Manage Diabetes

Researchers in South Korea have developed smart contact lenses that can diagnose and treat diabetes.

Turning Plastic Bottles Into Antibiotic Sponges

Researchers in South Korea have used waste PET bottles to create an adsorbent material for the removal of antibiotics from water.

Biodegradable Plastics Startup RWDC Raises US$133 Million

RWDC Industries Ltd will use the US$133 million series B funding to expand the production capacity by building a new facility in Athens, Georgia.