Japanese Researchers Develop Autism Detection System For Infants

Researchers in Japan have developed a new system that detects autism in infants using small fluctuations in eye movement.

H3 Biomedicine, BGI To Provide Open Access Cancer Genomic Data

H3 Biomedicine Inc. and BGI have entered into a partnership to sequence and publish genomic data from pre-clinical cancer models.

A*STAR, Fujitsu To Set Up Urban Development R&D Center

Singapore's A*STAR and Fujitsu Limited will explore the creation of the first Center of Excellence for computational social science and engineering in Singapore.

Historic Australian Ruling Allows Private Firms To Patent Human Genetic Material

The Australian Federal Court has ruled that Genetic Technologies Limited may continue to hold a patent on a mutation in the BRCA1 gene.

CSIRO Researchers Use 3D Printing To Track Big Fish

Researchers in Australia are using 3D printing to build a new generation of hi-tech fish tags to track big fish.

Cheap E-Notebook Converts Braille Into Chinese Characters

Chinese scientists have developed and tested a prototype electronic notebook that can be used to convert Braille into Chinese characters automatically.

China And India: From Imitators To Innovators

China and India are catching up to the world leaders in innovation and should no longer be labeled as 'imitation nations,' according to a study.

Actis Invests In Nanjing Micro-Tech

Actis has made a significant minority investment in Nanjing Micro-Tech, the leading producer of non-vascular stents and disposable biopsy forceps in China.

Stryker Makes Offer For Chinese Orthopedics Manufacturer

U.S.-based Stryker Corporation made an offer for Chinese orthopedic manufacturer Trauson Holdings Company Limited.