In the Lab

‘Love Drug’ May Treat Abdominal Pain

A hormone that induces labor and encourages social bonding may hold the key to treating abdominal pain, according to a new study.

Goods And Pollution Made In China For U.S.

Study finds that air pollution blowing across the Pacific Ocean is often caused by manufacturing goods for export to the U.S. and Europe.

Shrimp Gives Insight Into Color Vision

Researchers have uncovered new insights into color vision by studying the mantis shrimp.

Scientists Find Potential Treatment For Streptococcal Infection

Scientists in Singapore have found a potential treatment against deadly streptococcal infections.

‘Island Cells’ Impair Linking Of Memories

Researchers have discovered brain cells that inhibit the ability of mice to connect two events separated in time into a single experience.

Flood-Tolerant Rice Shows Improved Yields In India

A flood-tolerant hybrid rice that improves yields in India by almost half has been found to benefit marginalized people living in flood-prone areas.

Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment On The Way?

Researchers have developed and tested a “Trojan horse” treatment for cancer in mice, raising hopes for non-toxic human cancer treatment.

How The Immune System Fights Off Malaria

Study reveals immune cells that are critical to combating the malaria parasite in early stages of infection.

Soliton Behavior In Silicon Photonics

Researchers have made a breakthrough in silicon photonics that may shape the design of future integrated optical communications systems.