In the Lab

Starbucks In China: Drinking For Status Or Taste?

Chinese consumers' thirst for Starbucks coffee has more to do with their desire for status than their taste for the brand's beverages, researchers have discovered.

Chinese Scientist Proposes Spraying Water Into The Air To Curb Pollution

Spraying water into the atmosphere from sprinklers atop tall buildings and towers could cut back on air pollution, according to a scientist.

Odors Are More Expressible In Malay Hunter-Gatherer Language

English speakers struggle to name odors whereas speakers of Jahai, a Malay hunter-gatherer language, have an elaborate vocabulary for smells, researchers say.

Study Shows Antidepressant Mechanism Of Ketamine

Japanese researchers have discovered the mechanism of how ketamine acts as an antidepressant: by boosting "feel-good" hormones in the brain region involved in motivation.

Algae, Aquatic Plants Could Mop Up Radiation In Fukushima

Microalgae and aquatic plants can help to decrease radiopollution in the Fukushima area, according to researchers.

Study Shows That Babies Can Detect Different Languages

Babies understand that people who speak different languages use words differently, according to a study.

Chinese Scientists Cultivate Salt-Resistant Rice With High Yield

Chinese scientists have cultivated a high-yield salt-resistant rice variety that boasts an output of six tons per hectare.

Compound From Chinese Herb Fights Chronic Pain

A plant used for centuries as a pain reliever in Chinese medicine has been found effective at alleviating pain, according to researchers.

Setback For Dengue-Blocking Mosquito Trial In Vietnam

A project to introduce mosquitoes that could potentially block dengue virus on an island off Vietnam has run into an early hurdle.