In the Lab

Soliton Behavior In Silicon Photonics

Researchers have made a breakthrough in silicon photonics that may shape the design of future integrated optical communications systems.

Polarized Light Guides Honeybees To Honey Source

Honeybees use the pattern of polarized light in the sky, invisible to humans, to direct one another to a honey source, according to a study.

Study Shows How Bacteria Infects Stomach & Gut

Scientists have uncovered how a stomach ulcer-causing bacteria sticks to and infects the lining of the stomach and gut.

Vintage Venoms Lose None Of Their Bite

Venoms, which are a time-capsule of disappearing biodiversity, can be stored for up to 80 years and still remain biologically active.

Debunking The Sixth Sense

Without invoking a sixth sense, people can reliably sense when a change had occurred even when they could not see exactly what had changed.

Plants Can Learn Like Animals, Study

Researchers in Australia have published evidence that plants can learn and remember just as well as it would be expected of animals.

Bee Sensors Take Flight To Help Farmers

Thousands of honey bees in Australia are being fitted with tiny sensors in an effort to monitor the insects and their environment.

RNA Editing Enzyme Overexpressed In Esophageal Cancer

Researchers have discovered that an RNA editing enzyme is significantly over-expressed in esophageal squamous cell carcinomas.

Starbucks In China: Drinking For Status Or Taste?

Chinese consumers' thirst for Starbucks coffee has more to do with their desire for status than their taste for the brand's beverages, researchers have discovered.