Parvaiz Yousuf


Parvaiz Yousuf is a science journalist and researcher based in Kashmir, India.

Stories by Parvaiz Yousuf

How Sika Deer’s Overpopulation Led To Forest Decline in Kyushu

Sika deer ate away the understorey vegetation of Kyushu's Beech forest, leading to soil erosion and exposed roots in the area.

Nature-Inspired Ceramics To Keep Homes Cool

Inspired by white beetle, researchers have invented a new cooling ceramic with a solar reflectivity of 99.6 percent.

Rising Temperatures Threaten China’s Workforce

Annual heat-induced work hours losses are expected to increase by 120 percent by the end of the century in the country, study estimates.

Green Bioplastics Can Help Reduce Plastic Waste In Japan

A new study sheds light on the potential of green bioplastics in achieving Japan’s carbon-neutral goals.

Abandoned Croplands Can Help Address Food Scarcity

Better management of abandoned croplands can enhance food security and mitigate climate change, shows a study.

Ethics Of Using Care Robots For Older People

Study from Japan shows that involving older people while developing care robots for them will help alleviate their concerns about using robots.

Alcohol Abuse Linked To More Diseases

A total of 61 diseases are now associated with alcohol abuse, reveals a new study by researchers in China and the UK.

Trapping Toxins to Prevent Sepsis

Researchers from Singapore have developed synthetic nanonets, which catch bacterial toxins and pro-inflammatory cytokine molecules, offering potential breakthroughs in sepsis treatment.

Disgust Helps Animals Avoid Diseases

The study highlights significant variations in disgust behavior across species, influenced by their social systems and ecological niches.