‘So You Want To Be a Doctor’ Medical Seminar Is Back!

Nine doctors from diverse career paths will share how to prepare for the future in the next Wildype Media Group’s ‘So You Want To Be A Doctor’ seminar.

AsianScientist (May 7, 2019) – Most of us associate a medical degree with taking courses in anatomy and physiology. But will textbook learning be adequate preparation for tomorrow’s doctors?

With patient records increasingly being digitized as electronic health records, our medical history and laboratory test results are now accessible not only to doctors, but also to bad actors lurking in the shadows. Hence, to prepare for a future where a medical degree can lead to careers as varied as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and robotics, Wildtype Media Group is organizing a full-day student medical seminar titled So You Want To Be a Doctor? at the NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House on May 25, 2019 (Saturday).

The speakers in the upcoming edition of ‘So You Want to be a Doctor?’ seminar.

There is no better individual to discuss a career in healthcare IT with than Assistant Professor Ngiam Kee Yuan, group chief technology officer at the National University Health System (NUHS), who oversees the implementation of new technologies at the hospital, in addition to carrying out clinical research in artificial intelligence and minimally invasive surgery.

Eight other guest speakers will also share with the participants about the diverse careers they’ve taken on, such as starting a healthcare charity, serving as ringside doctor at ONE Championship fights, and supporting women doctors across Singapore.

Dr. Goh Wei Leong, The Straits Times Singaporean Of The Year 2017, will share with us the journey that led him to co-found HealthServe, a charity that provides migrant workers with affordable healthcare, legal aid, skills training and free meals. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Alan Cheung will tell us how he became the ringside doctor for ONE Championship and ONE Warrior mixed martial arts events. In addition, Dr. Jade Kua, a consultant with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, will share her experiences as president of the Association of Women Doctors (Singapore).

To read more about our nine speakers and to get yourself a ticket, head over to doctalks2019.peatix.com now!


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