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Academic By Day, Gamer By Night

Malaysia won its first-ever e-sports gold at the 30th SEA Games thanks to Yew Weng Kean. But Yew isn’t your typical gamer: this e-sports extraordinaire is also an assistant professor in electrical engineering.

‘So You Want To Be a Doctor’ Medical Seminar Is Back!

Nine doctors from diverse career paths will share how to prepare for the future in the next Wildype Media Group’s ‘So You Want To Be A Doctor’ seminar.

A Dose Of Inspiration For Aspiring Doctors

Missed our ‘So You Want To Be A Doctor?’ seminar? Fret not, we bring you ten key lessons from the seminar.

So You Want To Be A Doctor? Be Prepared For The Ride Of Your Life

Seven doctors with extraordinary career paths shed light on the many options beyond medical school at Wildype Media Group’s ‘So You Want To Be A Doctor’ seminar.

Conflict Control In The Lab

Disputes among lab members are inevitable, but tackling them promptly and proactively is key.

Bidding Adieu To Academia

Deciding you don’t want to be an academic scientist doesn’t mean you’ve failed—other pastures abound beyond the walls of your lab.

Peer Review, Not Poor Review

First time on the giving end of the peer review process? Fret not, graduate student, here are some tips to get you started.

From PhD To Postdoc

Some advice on how to make the tricky transition from student to independent, well-rounded researcher.

From Postdoc To Professor

The rewards of tenure are great, but they require patience and perseverance.

Get That Grant

Grants are the lifeblood of scientific research; here three successful scientists share some tips and tricks for securing your next grant.