The Curious Case Of Asia’s COVID-19 Mortality Rates

Why is the COVID-19 death rate in Asia three times lower than that of Europe? Lim XiaoZhi examines some possible reasons.

Our Future With Blockchain – Part 2

With blockchain applications running the gamut from voting to genomics, it’s clear that there’s more potential to be uncovered for this emerging technology.

Nuts And Bolts—Empowering Sensors To Reach Their Full Potential

Bendable and transparent, flexible sensors could bring electronics into the multibillion-dollar medical device and athleisure industries.

Healthcare From The Comfort Of Home (VIDEO)

Dr. Shravan Verma has developed Speedoc, a digital platform that empowers doctors to make house calls so that patients can receive medical attention at home.

Igniting Innovation—Bernard Loke Of BioLogic Technik

Cultivating a culture of open innovation has helped biomechanics company BioLogic Technik create useful technologies for Singapore’s rapidly aging population.

IPI’s Top 10 TechOffers Of 2019

Take a look back at some of this year's most interesting innovations found on IPI's Online Marketplace.

Making Hospital Medical Decisions Safer

A team of researchers and clinicians led by SMU Associate Professor Daniel Zheng is using advance data analytics to improve patient outcomes in hospitals.

Astrazeneca Launches Three R&D Initiatives In China

With the creation of two new research centres and a billion-dollar fund in China, AstraZeneca looks set to make waves in biomedical research and healthcare in Asia.

Nutrition Gets Personal

Companies hoping to tap the personalised nutrition pie need to think both about the products they are offering as well as their business model.

Innovation Made EPIC

Taking the time to craft a good problem statement and prioritising good communication can help co-innovation between large corporations and start-ups succeed.