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Microplastics In clouds: Scientists Warn Of “Plastic Rainfall”

Airborne microplastics in the cloud water originates primarily from the ocean.

Ancient Shellfish Sailed The Seas On The Shells Of Turtles

Colonizing the shells of live sea turtles might have allowed mollusks to encounter previously unexplored niches, scientists say.

Socially Isolated Mice Have Difficulty Forming Relationships

Researchers in Japan have found that social proximity in mice is not only influenced by individual behavioral traits, but also those of surrounding individuals.

Getting To The Root Of Airport Congestion

Japanese researchers have developed a simulation method that analyzes human behavior to identify key causes of airport congestion.

Wireless Wearable Zaps Tumors With LED Light

Scientists have developed a device that allows photodynamic therapy of cancer to be carried out with light intensities 1,000 fold lower than conventional methods.

10 Award-Winning Scientists From Japan To Watch

From biomedicine to particle physics, these ten award-winning scientists from Japan are making an impact across the globe with their discoveries.

Mouth Bacteria Can Mess Up The Gut

Researchers in Japan have demonstrated that oral bacteria can colonize the gut and contribute to inflammatory bowel disease.

Seeing Live Mice Light Up In 3D

Scientists have used a palm-sized Compton camera to produce multicolor in vivo images in 3D.

Smoothing Out The Rough Edges Of 3D Printed Objects

Researchers have developed a surface finishing process for 3D printed objects that combines better quality with low cost and less waste.

Sugar-Coated Catalysts That Work In Live Mice

Carbohydrate structures called glycans could help researchers send metal catalysts to specific tissues without the need for time-consuming antibody development.