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46 Chinese Scientists Receive Ho Leung Ho Lee Awards

46 Chinese scientists have received science and technology awards from the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation this year.

Chinese, US, Australian, European Unis Sign Hefei Statement

The Consortium of China 9 has signed the Hefei Statement with US, Australian and European counterparts, pledging to promote the foundational value of higher education.

Scientists Uncover How MERS Coronavirus Attaches To Cells

Scientists have uncovered the structure of a key portion of the MERS coronavirus, revealing how it attaches itself to cells in the human body.

Dogs And Humans Share An Evolutionary History, Study

Dogs may have been domesticated for thousands of years longer than previously estimated, scientists say.

Clearing Blocked Capillaries With A Laser Beam

Researchers in China have developed a non-invasive technique to trap and move cells in living mice.

Scientists Grow Neurons From Urine

Scientists from China have developed a method to generate neural progenitor cells from epithelial-like cells in human urine.

China Increases Global Scientific Publishing Share In 2011

China is fast becoming a global leader in scientific publishing and scientific research, according to the Nature Publishing Index 2011 China published last week.

Mystery Of The Vanishing Neutrinos Solved

The Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment today reported the first results of its search for the last, most elusive piece of a long-standing puzzle: how is it that neutrinos can appear to vanish as they travel?

Scientists Discover Heaviest Antimatter Ever

Scientists at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) have discovered the anti-matter partner of the helium nucleus: antihelium-4.