university of science and technology of china

Pushing The Boundaries Of Physics In Asia

Even as Asia’s leading physicists break new ground in quantum and space technologies, they retain a deep reverence for ancient traditions that others may never fathom.

A Strong & Transparent Alternative To Plastic

Instead of non-biodegradable plastic, your next ‘plastic’ bag could be made out of bacterial biofilms.

China Uses Quantum Satellite To Send ‘Secret Key’ Over 1,000km

They were able to exchange a cryptographic key over 1,000 kilometers, illustrating the possibility of a future global quantum communication network.

Scientists Develop Cellulose-Based Plastic Substitute

This cellulose-based material that is four times stronger than steel and as heat-resistant as ceramics could one day displace plastics.

Distinguishing Molecular ‘Evil Twins’

A membrane made of 2D layers can catch left-handed molecules while allowing the right-handed ones to be transported away, resulting in high separation efficiency.

Synthesizing Stretchy And Strong Aerogels

Inspired by a spider’s silk web, researchers in China have fabricated superelastic hard carbon nanofiber aerogels.

Smart Window Tunes Light Intensity And Filters Air

Scientists in China have developed a silver-nylon mesh which can be used as a smart window to regulate indoor light intensity and reduce exposure to air pollution.

Chinese Physicists Win 2018 Newcomb-Cleveland Prize

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has recognized 34 Chinese physicists for laying the groundwork of a quantum internet.

Making Wood Out Of Synthetic Resin

Researchers in China have developed a family of bioinspired artificial wood from phenolic and melamine resin.

Functional Carbon Materials Made Simple And Scalable

Chinese researchers have proposed a simple and inexpensive method to prepare carbon nanomaterials from small organic molecules.