university of science and technology of china

THE World Uni Rankings 2016-2017: National Uni Of Singapore Leads Asia

289 Asian universities from 24 countries make the overall Times Higher Education list of 980 institutions.

High-Performance Artificial Photosynthesis Without Noble Metals

An efficient catalyst that does not make use of expensive metals such as platinum could help make hydrogen generation economical.

2015 Winners Of The Bernd T. Matthias Prize Announced

Two Chinese scientists have been named winners of the 2015 Bernd T. Matthias Prize for Superconducting Materials.

DNA-TLR9 Zipper Triggers Autoimmune Response

A zipper-like arrangement of DNA can bind strongly to the receptor TLR9 and trigger a strong immune response.

Capillary Force Helps Nanostructures Self-Assemble

By combining laser printing and capillary action, researchers have developed a highly tunable method to synthesize nanostructures.

Three Asians Bestowed L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards

Three exceptional women from Asia have been recognized at the 17th annual L'Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science award.

Nanosilver Gives Electron Microscopy A Boost

The use of silver nanoparticles can increase the sensitivity of electron energy loss spectroscopy twenty-fold.

GeS Nanotechnologies To Make Solar Energy Cheaper

Scientists have found a simple way to control the structure of semiconductor material germanium monosulfide, paving the way for applications in solar energy conversion and faster computer circuits.

Chinese Geochemist Wins 2014 Houtermans Medal

Professor Qin Liping, a Chinese geochemist, has won the 2014 Houtermans Medal from the European Association of Geochemistry.