IBM Watson To Fight Cancer In 21 Hospitals Across China

IBM and Hangzhou CognitiveCare plan to bring the Watson cognitive computing platform to 21 hospitals across China.

AsianScientist (Aug. 23, 2016) – 21 hospitals across China plan to adopt Watson for Oncology, a cognitive computing platform that learns over time and helps oncologists with their work.

The platform draws from more than 300 medical journals, more than 200 textbooks, and nearly 15 million pages of text to help physicians deliver personalized, evidence-based cancer treatment options.

According to IBM, Watson can help increase efficiency for oncologists by scoring and ranking medical literature, quickly summarizing patient records and analzying massive volumes of medical literature to identify individualized treatment options. Its machine-learning capability means it is continually learning over time.

Watson’s debut in China comes at a time when cancer cases are increasing in the region. The initial 21-hospital introduction is part of a multi-year partnership through which Hangzhou CognitiveCare will introduce Watson for Oncology to hospitals across China.

While Watson for Oncology will initially be available in the English language only, CognitiveCare will provide some translation support to ensure Watson’s treatment insights, such as drug labels and treatment guidelines, are available to customers in the appropriate Chinese dialects. Additionally, CognitiveCare will localize dosing based on Chinese medical guidelines.


Source: IBM.
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