stomach cancer

Unmasking Stomach Cancer

Researchers in Japan have found that a layer of cells that appears like normal stomach lining can make it difficult to spot stomach cancer.

Genetic Profiling Predicts Stomach Cancer Risk

Singapore scientists have analysed the genomes of nearly 3,000 patients to identify genomic signatures associated with higher risk of developing stomach cancer.

Long-Term Antacid Use Linked To Increased Stomach Cancer Risk

Scientists have found that the risk of stomach cancer is higher in patients previously treated for H. pylori infection if they took proton pump inhibitors over extended periods of time.

“Cryptic Promoters” Drive Stomach Cancer

Using a new technique called Nano-ChIPseq, scientists have found that stomach cancer is driven by mutations in regions of the genome known as cryptic promoters.

Scientists Tailor Make Anti-Cancer Agent

Scientists have tailor-made a new chemical compound that blocks a key cancer protein.

Researchers Identify Stomach Cancers With Breath Test

A new type of breath test that detects nanoparticles could help diagnose stomach cancers, according to a study.

Study: Lynch Syndrome Patients Carry Mutations That Increase Cancer Risk

Researchers have found that patients carrying genetic mutations that characterize Lynch syndrome face an increased risk of developing breast and pancreatic cancer.

Ulcer-Causing Helicobacter Pylori Survives In Our Acidic Gut By Turning It Neutral

Researchers at CUHK are slowly creating a blueprint to understand how the H. pylori pathogen stays alive and well in the acidic guts of half the world's population.

Australian Project To Highlight 15 Types Of “Forgotten Cancers”

The Forgotten Cancers Project launched yesterday by the Cancer Council Victoria hopes to understand the causes of less common and under-researched cancers.