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GYSS 2014: Is Red Meat Consumption Linked To Colorectal Cancer?

At the Global Young Scientists Summit 2014, Nobel Laureate Harald zur Hausen discusses the link between high consumption of red meat and colorectal cancer.

BASF To Open Thermoplastics Plant In Yeosu, Korea

BASF will open a new plant in Yeosu, Korea to increase its supply of thermoplastics to the Asia Pacific market.

Gene Mutation Links Asian & European Ancestors

A new study has shown how a specific mutation in the SLC24A5 gene provides evidence of shared ancestry of Asians with Europeans.

Alvogen Partially Acquires Lotus Pharma For US$200 Million

Lotus Pharmaceutical has signed a deal with US-based drug maker Alvogen Group Inc, allowing Alvogen to acquire 60 percent of its shares.

Researchers Discover Genetic Loci Linked To Rheumatoid Arthritis

The largest international study to date into the genetic basis of rheumatoid arthritis has shed light on how existing drugs target it.

Southeast Asia Going Nuclear

Southeast Asian countries are pushing forward in the use of nuclear power technology, says Barry Desker, Dean of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies.

A*STAR Chairman: Asia Is The Place To Be For Research & Innovation

Asia is the place to be right now for research and innovation, says A*STAR chairman Mr. Lim Chuan Poh.

Researchers Diagnose Autism In 12-Month-Old Babies

Researchers have tested more than 10,000 babies in China, some as young as 12-months-old, for autism.

Ear Acupuncture Could Help People Lose Weight, Study

Acupuncture of five points on the outer ear - shen-men (divine gate), spleen, stomach, hunger and endocrine - can help shed the pounds, says a South Korean study.