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East Asian Students Dominate Problem Solving Test

East Asian countries take the top seven spots in the first OECD PISA assessment of creative problem solving.

Futuristic Wearable Medical Device Has Nanosensors For Drug Release

Scientists are closer to realizing the goal of wearable medical devices with the demonstration of a multifunctional nanomaterial-based system.

Nature Publishing Index 2013: China To Overtake Japan In 1-2 Years

Japan remains the juggernaut in the Nature Publishing Index 2013 Asia Pacific.

Sanofi Pasteur, SK Chemicals To Co-Develop Pneumococcal Vaccine

Vaccine-maker Sanofi Pasteur will invest US$23 million in South Korea's SK Chemicals for the development of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine.

Nanowire ‘Fingerprints’ To Fight Counterfeiting

Nanowire fingerprints are cheap to produce and extremely difficult to replicate, making them useful in anti-counterfeiting measures, scientists say.

Nanoparticles Give Color Without Pigments

Scientists have developed nanoparticle-based colors that could be used to make paint and electronic displays that never fade.

Agilent & Consortium To Study Fats In Healthy People

The new international joint effort between Agilent and NUS aims to develop the world’s first integrated systems biology database for different races and ethnicities.

Don’t Throw Out Your Garlic Sprouts

Sprouted garlic contains many antioxidants that may boost the immune system and promote a healthy heart, according to a study.

AstraZeneca Partners Korean Government In Cancer Program

Under the proposed program, Korean scientists will gain grants and priority access to AstraZeneca compounds for testing.