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Stem Cells To Treat Lung Disease In Infants

A new study has found that it is safe and feasible to use stem cell therapies for preventing or treating lung disease in preterm infants.

Global Partnership To Fight Infectious Disease Launched

A global initiative was launched last month to accelerate progress toward a world safe and secure from the threat of infectious disease.

K-Glass: Wearable Tech For Foodies

Researchers have developed wearable technology that enables foodies to check out a restaurant's menu just by looking at its signboard.

Muscles Made From Fishing Line And Thread

An international team of scientists has made powerful artificial muscles using ordinary fishing line and sewing thread.

How Can Asia Protect Its Water Resources?

The economic rise of countries in Asia has created serious pressure on their water supplies, writes Justine Doody.

S’pore And Korea Institutes To Collaborate In Glycomics Research

Three research institutes in Singapore and Korea have signed memorandums of understanding (MoUs) to collaborate in glycomics research.

Harmful Immune Responses Dampened By Blocking Cytokine IL-21

Mice lacking the receptor for the cytokine IL-21 have less severe symptoms, suggesting that IL-21 is a potential therapeutic target in immune diseases.

India’s Obsession With University Rankings

With only 20 percent enrollment in higher education, India remains near the bottom of global standards, writes Professor Ranjit Goswami.

NSF Reports US Lead In R&D Shrinking, Trails Asia

The United States' leadership in science and technology was chipped away by Asian nations during the last decade, according to a new NSF report.