Dust Mites Main Cause Of Allergies In S’pore

Researchers have identified house dust mites as the main cause of respiratory allergies in Singapore.

Southeast Asia “Hotspot” for Emerging Infectious Diseases

With increased urbanization and air travel, Southeast Asia has become a “hotspot” for emerging infectious diseases, experts say.

Singapore’s First Influenza Vaccine Shows Favorable Immunogenicity

Singapore first influenza vaccine has met its primary endpoint for immunogenicity in the Phase 1 clinical trial in healthy Asian volunteers.

Scientists Turn Stem Cells Into Liver And Pancreas Precursor Cells

Scientists have developed a method of turning human stem cells into a cell type that gives rise to organs including the liver and pancreas.

GYSS 2014: Taking A Leaf From Nature’s Book

Prof. Grätzel discusses how harnessing solar power has the potential to provide more than 6,000 times our current energy consumption.

SMART Launches Driverless Car Called ‘SCOT’

The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology has launched Singapore’s very first locally-developed driverless car.

The Database Don

SMU Associate Professor Kyriakos Mouratidis aims to maximise the potential of databases to provide solutions to real-world problems.

Making Sense Of The Modern World

Associate Professor Norman Li from the SMU School of Social Sciences is studying how the ancient ‘software’ in our brains deals with the constant stimuli assailing us in the modern world.

Encouraging Corporate Fair Play In Family-Run Businesses

SMU Associate Professor Chen Xia studies corporate governance and financial management of family firms.