ACM Biolabs Markets Artificial Cell Membranes For Drug Discovery

Singapore start-up ACM Biolabs will market novel artificial cell membranes to enable faster and cheaper drug discovery.

Scientists Find Potential Treatment For Streptococcal Infection

Scientists in Singapore have found a potential treatment against deadly streptococcal infections.

New Center To Use Circulating Tumor Cells In Clinical Diagnostics

A new center at the Singapore General Hospital will facilitate the use of circulating tumor cells in clinical diagnostics.

GYSS 2014: Start Companies For The Right Reasons, Say Eminent Scientists

At the Global Young Scientists Summit 2014, a panel of distinguished scientists discussed how research should be driven by curiosity, not money.

How The Immune System Fights Off Malaria

Study reveals immune cells that are critical to combating the malaria parasite in early stages of infection.

GYSS 2014: Is Red Meat Consumption Linked To Colorectal Cancer?

At the Global Young Scientists Summit 2014, Nobel Laureate Harald zur Hausen discusses the link between high consumption of red meat and colorectal cancer.

NUS & BASF To Use Graphene In Organic Electronic Devices

Researchers at NUS and BASF will jointly develop the use of graphene in organic electronic devices such as organic light emitting diodes.

GYSS 2014: Nobel Laureates Say Have Fun Doing Science

At the 2014 Global Young Scientists Summit, a panel of scientific leaders discussed the challenges they face as scientists.

GYSS 2014: Making Diseases Personal

Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover speaks to budding researchers at the Global Young Scientists Summit 2014 on the revolution of personalized medicine.