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3D Printing Gets A Boost With Data-Driven Design

Combined analysis of geometry, topology, structure and material data can be used to optimize the designs of 3D printed products, say researchers in Singapore.

Blockchain Consensus By Committee

Weighted voting based on previous behavior can help to enhance security in proof of stake blockchain protocols, say researchers.

Mapping The Terrain Of Optical Sensor Development

An international team of researchers has developed a 3D technology map which systematically compares optical sensor technologies.

To Tackle Child Labor, Start With Consumers

A new study by SMU Assistant Professor Fang Xin finds evidence that educating consumers about the social impact of their purchases can help reduce child labour in global supply chains.

Microfluidic Fabrication Made Simple

Scientists in Singapore have used fluoropolymers to create microfluidic devices that do not swell upon exposure to organic solvents.

3D Printed Droplets On Demand

Creating complex emulsions just got easier with a customizable droplet generator built by scientists in Singapore.

When 3D Printing Meets Soft Robotics

Using multi-material 3D printing, researchers in Singapore and China have developed actuators that are soft but still capable of bearing loads.

Double Modulation Enhances Hologram Security

A holographic color print developed by scientists in Singapore could help ensure the authenticity of identity cards and money.

An Antimalarial Drug Strikes Gold

With the help of gold, scientists have developed an antimalarial drug that is effective against resistant parasites.