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Bilingualism Can Boost Cognitive Health In Later Life

Bilingualism enhances cognitive reserve by improving social cue interpretations. Such benefits persist till later in life.

Deep Learning for Underwater Robots

Researchers in Singapore are training soft robots to effectively move through water using deep machine learning.
cleaning audit robot, dirt sensor

Robots Keep Spotless Score

Researchers from Singapore have designed a sensor for autonomous cleaning robots making them better cleaners.
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Rethink Building Design To Reduce Virus Spread

By mapping air flow in dormitories, researchers from Singapore have pinpointed the building layouts that lead to stagnant air and raise the risk of viral transmission.

Revealing Eight Centuries of Asia’s River Patterns

In the largest study of Asia’s rivers to date, researchers tracked eight centuries worth of annual river discharge to unearth insights on past climate patterns.

Bilingualism Delays The Brain’s Aging Process

If you can speak two languages, sticking with one or the other could help prevent age-related cognitive decline, scientists say.

Transmitting Data At The Speed Of Light (VIDEO)

Associate Professor Dawn Tan is harnessing light’s unique properties to bring data transmission up to ultra-fast speeds.

Lose + Lose = Win

Zooplankton survive over-predation of their food source by switching between two ‘losing’ strategies: laying dormant eggs and staying dormant until algae levels recover.

Keeping Smart City Algorithms Accountable

Although artificial intelligence promises to give city planners unprecedented insight into urban life, humans must remain involved in decision making.

Chocolate Ink For 3D Printed Desserts

By considering the flow properties of syrups and pastes mixed with cocoa powder, Singapore-based researchers have found a way to 3D print chocolate at room temperature.