singapore management university

Deciding How Much To Disclose

Corporate executives weigh benefits against costs when deciding how much to reveal about their companies, says SMU Professor Zhang Liandong.

The Science Of Making Good Choices

If our lives are the sum of all our choices, then we would benefit from talking to SMU Assistant Professor Xue Jingyi, who studies decision-making that involves risk or ambiguity.

Connecting The Dots In Urban Mobility Data

SMU Associate Professor Zheng Baihua is developing methods to help researchers explore the many dimensions of urban mobility data.

Universities And Governments: Partnering For Possibilities

There is no place for silos in the smart cities of the future, said experts at the QS in Conversation seminar on university-public sector partnerships held at SMU.

Mindfulness Can Help Middle Managers Avoid Burnout, Study Says

New research suggests that mindfulness training programs can be particularly valuable for the well-being of middle managers.

Cities: Complex Ecosystems Of Moving Parts

Understanding the needs and behaviors of businesses and citizens is key to the development of the built environment, say experts from SMU and the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

The Promise And Limitation Of Blockchain

Companies have been searching for ways to solve practical problems using blockchain technology, but there is not yet a one-size-fits-all solution, said a panel of experts at SMU.

From Algorithms To Analysts

Algorithmic trading, information acquisition and analyst work-life balance were just a few of the diverse topics discussed at the SMU School of Accounting Research Symposium.

Setting The Pace Of Public-Private Partnerships

Smart city collaborations between the public and private sectors require a careful balance of speed, innovation and risk management.