singapore management university

Understanding Groupthink

Groups benefit most when minority voices are heard and conflicts are minimised, says Assistant Professor Grace Park Guihyun from the SMU School of Social Sciences.

Socioeconomics: The Story Behind the Numbers

Associate Professor Tomoki Fujii of the SMU School of Economics seeks to understand the complexities behind poverty, nutrition and other hot-button issues in developing countries.

The Importance of Being an Ethical Company

Firms must fine-tune their corporate governance mechanisms to prevent unethical behaviour and take quick action once they are found, says Professor Cheng Qiang from the SMU School of Accountancy.

Making Sense of Social Media

Professor Lim Ee Peng from the SMU School of Information Systems turns Twitter noise into useful and informative data.

Estimating Risks and Resolving Paradoxes

SMU Professor Lim Kian Guan uses sophisticated mathematical tools to extract information out of options data and provide more accurate risk estimates.

Measuring the Impact of Financial Policies

Mutual and hedge funds manage trillions of dollars, but how should they be regulated? Assistant Professor Tang Yuehua seeks to understand how incentives and policies affect the performance of funds.

The Long Road To Financial Derivative Reform

How can we avoid a repeat of the 2008 global financial crisis? SMU Assistant Professor Christopher Chen looks at how today’s huge financial derivatives market can be better regulated for the benefit of the global economy and individual financial consumer.

Good Vs Greed: Balancing Social Norms And Financial Rewards

SMU Assistant Professor Liu Yanju examines how economic agents make decisions when faced with the choice of behaving ethically or increasing their financial gain.

Resource Allocation: Is There A Fair Way To Slice Up The Pie?

SMU Professor of Economics Shurojit Chatterji designs mechanisms that countries can use to allocate their scarce resources more fairly and efficiently.