singapore management university

Making Hospital Medical Decisions Safer

A team of researchers and clinicians led by SMU Associate Professor Daniel Zheng is using advance data analytics to improve patient outcomes in hospitals.

Making Sense Of Highly Complex Data

A new method developed by SMU researchers allows for more accurate estimations that take hundreds of variables into account.

From Farming To Retailing: Here’s How Math Models Can Help

Whether it is enhancing agricultural practices or consumer interaction, two studies demonstrate the power of using mathematical models in complex decision-making.

A New Era For Mediation

What does the Singapore Convention mean for mediation in Asia and beyond? An expert panel hosted by SMU’s Professor Nadja Alexander discusses the implications at Mediation: A New Era Forum.

Where The Entire City Is The Laboratory

By combining mobile sensing and computing, SMU’s LiveLabs Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform used Singapore as a city-scale testbed for new social analytics technologies.

When Firms Turn Weakness Into Strength

Firms based in countries of weaker state institutions tend endogenously to build more informal institutions, says SMU Professor Chang Pao Li.

The Case For Cross-ownership

Different firms having the same owners has been criticized as anti-competitive, but could there also be some benefits of cross-ownership? SMU researchers think there is more to the debate.

The (Software) Bug Doctor

SMU Associate Professor David Lo has developed automated solutions to help software developers efficiently detect and repair defects in their code.

The Smart City—No Risk, No Reward

Smart city collaborations are complex initiatives that often fail; yet, valuable lessons can be taken from these failures.