osaka university

Sticky Situations A Boon For Polymer Science

Researchers in Japan have found a way to make industrial polymers sticky without the use of glue or other binding substances.

An Eye-Opening Stem Cell Discovery

A research group in Japan has found that different versions of a protein called laminin can cause human stem cells to become specific cell types in the eye.

A Flexible Way To Convert Waste Heat To Electricity

Researchers in Japan have engineered an inexpensive flexible material which could help harvest heat energy that would otherwise be lost.

Making Cells Go Viral For Vaccine Research

Scientists in Japan have devised a method to produce multiple genotypes of noroviruses in the lab, paving the way for better vaccines.

AI Automatically Sorts Cancer Cells

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system that can automatically differentiate between different types of cancer cells and their sensitivity to radiotherapy.

Shigekazu Nagata Elected President Of Human Frontier Science Program

Osaka University’s Professor Shigekazu Nagata will lead the Human Frontier Science Program in its support of innovative research in the life sciences around the world.

Nanopore Sensor Speeds Up Influenza Detection

A research group in Japan has devised a highly specific diagnostic tool backed by artificial intelligence for rapid detection of the influenza virus.

Bio-Inspired Crystal Gives Batteries A Boost

Inspired by transport mechanisms found in living cells, researchers in Japan have developed a material that could lead to cheaper and safer rechargeable batteries.

Helping Robots Put Their Best Face Forward (VIDEO)

A research group at Osaka University, Japan, has found a way to improve the expressiveness of robots' faces.