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Female Fertility Linked To Circadian Cycle

A study in mice suggests that the age-related decline in fertility can be mitigated with good ‘circadian hygiene.’

The Chemistry Underlying Learning In Worms

Using a simple behavioral test, scientists found two neuromodulatory signaling molecules underlying non-associative learning in C. elegans.

Vaccine Reduces Hypertension In Mice

A DNA vaccine has been shown to effectively lower blood pressure in hypertensive mice, with effects lasting at least six months.

DNAi Demonstrated In Metozoans For The First Time

A DNA-based gene silencing method has been shown to exist in the multicellular organism Oikopleura dioica.

Using Topological Defects To Engineer Self-Healing Materials

Nematic liquid crystals, commonly found in television displays, could find wider applications as a controllable scaffold for nano-sized colloids.

Yoichi Ando Appointed Professor Of Physics At University of Cologne

Leading topological materials expert Professor Yoichi Ando will move from Osaka University to a new appointment at the University of Cologne.

World’s Largest Laser Used To Heat Fusion Fuel To 20,000,000°C

In the future, lasers such as the world's largest petawatt laser—the LFEX—could be used to achieve nuclear fusion.

Nano-Lanterns, Now In Three Colors

Researchers now have an expanded palette of super-bright luminescent proteins at their disposal.

The Real Target Of Miscarriage & Thrombosis Autoantibodies

Over 80 percent of patients with antiphospholipid syndrome have autoantibodies against β2GPI in complex with HLA II.