non communicable diseases

China’s Salty Problem

Although salt consumption in China has decreased since 2002, it remains above the maximum recommended daily intake.

Australia & India Team Up To Combat Lifestyle Related Diseases

A collaboration between University of Melbourne and India's top research institutes aims to improve chronic disease prevention and management in South Asia.

Asia’s Nutrition Time Bomb

Concerted action is required to deal with Asia's twin threats of obesity and under-nutrition, write Don Gunasekera and David Newth.

You Are Not Just What You Eat

To what extent can we blame people for being obese and what are the other factors in play? Our columnist Annabel Tan finds out.

China’s Worrying Diabetes Epidemic

Studies show that one in four diabetics worldwide reside in China and half the population is prediabetic, a grave situation that urgently needs to be addressed.

WHO: Global Life Expectancy Increases By Six Years

Lowered child mortality, success in addressing noncommunicable disease and declining tobacco use have contributed to the global increase in life expectancy, says WHO.

Top Concerns For Asia: Mental Health, Obesity, NCDs

Mental health, obesity and non-communicable diseases are top-priority goals for the region between 2015 and 2030, according to experts from nine Asian countries and Australia.

Sitting Down For Too Long Linked To Chronic Disease, Study

A new study has linked sitting down for more than four hours of each day to chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

More Veggies In My Asian Takeout, Please

Asian take-away foods must include more vegetables to meet the recommended dietary guidelines for vegetable consumption, says a new study.