non communicable diseases

China Faces The Challenge Of Chronic Disease

Chronic conditions have surpassed infectious diseases as the leading causes of premature death in China, a new study shows.

Inside Indonesia’s ‘Double Burden’ Of Diseases

Communicable diseases such as diarrhoea and tuberculosis are on the decline in Indonesia, but new threats like diabetes are emerging.

How The ‘Longevity Gene’ Gets By With A Little Help From Its Friends

Researchers have identified a region in SIRT1 that controls how it binds to other proteins and thereby affects downstream metabolic pathways.

Eisai Joins Access Accelerated To Tackle Non-Communicable Diseases

Eisai will participate in a global partnership of pharmaceutical companies to help accelerate access to health care in low and middle-income countries.

What’s The Advantage Of Being Obese?

This study found that only nine out of 115 genes known to be associated with obesity showed evidence of being under positive selection.

Is Cancer In Poor Countries Too Big To Tackle?

If you think of global health as Mount Everest, cancer control would be a small flag at its peak.

Physical Inactivity Cost US$67 Billion Globally In 2013: Study

According to the study findings, type 2 diabetes was the costliest disease, accounting for US$37.6 billion or 70 percent of direct costs.

Soybean Protein Found To Improve Metabolism In Mice

Japanese researchers have found that a single intake of soybean protein improves metabolism in mice, reducing the risk for obesity.

Obesity On The Rise In Indonesia

Indonesia is experiencing both under- and over-nutrition at the same time, prompting researchers to call for a public health policy overhaul.

Advances In Medical Care Led To Type 1 Diabetes Boom

Thanks to better medical care, life expectancy has increased dramatically in recent decades, with unintended consequences.