Nanotubes Turn Light Into Electricity

Physicists in Japan have discovered photovoltaic nanotubes that could improve solar power and imaging technology.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Liu Zheng

Associate Professor Liu Zheng is pushing the boundaries of atomically thin materials, a boon for the fields of electronics, energy generation and catalysis.

Nuts & Bolts—Coatings For Cleanliness And Clarity

There’s no sugar coating it—dirty walls and windows are unsightly. These three TechOffers could help keep buildings spick and span.

Nanotech Researcher Wins 2019 ACS Nano Lectureship Award

Liu Bin received the 2019 ACS Nano Lectureship Award for Asia Pacific for her research into the design and synthesis of organic nanomaterials.

Pinholes Filter Photons For Better 3D Holographic Displays

By placing a titanium film riddled with holes behind an off-the-shelf LCD display, scientists in South Korea found a straightforward way to produce holograms.

A Light To Guide Stem Cells To Sites Of Injury

Scientists in China have designed a light-activated 'remote control' to target stem cells towards wounds.

Nano-Blocks That Mix And Unmix In Response To Heat

Researchers in Japan have designed two types of nano-blocks that can combine and scramble repeatedly based on temperature differences in their environment.

Nanowires Enhance Water Filter Functions

Chinese researchers have braided nanowires with natural plant fibers to enhance the efficiency of water purification filter paper.

Biconcave Nanodisks Wreak Havoc On Tumors

An international team of scientists has developed drug-loaded biconcave carbon nanodisks that accumulate preferentially in tumors.