Magnetic Tweezers Speed Up DNA Origami Folding

Folding DNA nanostructures now takes just ten minutes, down from several hours using older methods.

Controlling Nanoparticle Crystallinity

The ability to control crystallinity could help researchers develop nanoparticles optimized for specific applications.

Repulsive Hydrogels Could Cut Friction

By tapping on repulsive rather than the usual attractive forces, materials scientists have created a hydrogel with unusual properties.

HKU Zhejiang Institute of Research And Innovation Opens

Three research laboratories will be set up under the University of Hong Kong Zhejiang Institute of Research and Innovation.

Monash & Takeda Take On Gastrointestinal Disease

The research alliance between Monash and Takeda will investigate nano-medicine for gastrointestinal diseases, among other projects.

Splitting Hydrogen With Nanowire Mesh

Taking a leaf out of the paper industry, researchers have developed a nanotechnology-based system that uses light to split water.

Singaporeans Aware Of Nanotech But Wary Of Side Effects

More knowledge about a new technology can also increase concerns about the potential risks, survey shows.

Two-In-One Cancer Biomarker

A biomarker which can also deliver drugs could open new doors in cancer therapeutics.

Tight Spaces Make Liquid Crystals Helical

The ability to create helical liquid crystal nanostructures could spur new growth in liquid crystal-related industries such as LCD screens.