Asia’s Rising Scientists: Akira Koshio

Despite their tiny size, there’s vast potential for carbon nanotubes in diverse industries, says Assistant Professor Akira Koshio.

Corkscrew Design Helps Drug Delivery Robots Stick To Cancer Cells

Researchers in South Korea have developed a microrobot shaped like a corkscrew with a needle at its end for drug delivery.

A Fishy Solution To Sustainable Wearable Tech

Films derived from fish scales could represent a promising alternative for more sustainable flexible electronics, including wearables and folding displays.

Cell Membrane Inspires Nanoparticle Computing

The lipid nanotablet platform uses lipid bilayer membranes as a ‘chip’ to control nanoparticles and create nanoparticle-based logic gates.

Making Electricity From Microwaves

A research team in Japan has developed a highly sensitive diode capable of converting microwaves to electricity.

Stick-On Flexible Sensors For Any Surface

A research team in South Korea has developed a method to easily create high-performance sensors on flexible substrates of diverse shapes and structures.

Stretching The Functional Range Of Sticky Tape

Researchers have developed a sticky tape that remains functional at temperatures ranging from -321°F to 1,832°F.

Seeing The Magnetic Field Of A Single Atom Up Close

An international team of scientists has performed an MRI scan of the magnetic field of single atoms.

To Chill, Just Squeeze

Scientists in Japan have developed a new type of refrigeration that generates a liquid-to-gas transition when a nanosponge is squeezed.