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Discernment: Crucial To Our Children’s Success?

A Uganda-based study has attempted to teach primary school-aged children critical thinking skills about science and health, despite what they might read on the internet.

Minecraft Or Minefield? The Jury’s Out

Online gaming isn’t all that bad for kids... right? Moderation is key here, writes columnist Dora Yip.

Leading My Kid Through Difficult Conversations

With terrorism reports looming large on the news almost every other day, how can you best explain such acts of violence to your young child?

Parenting: The Good, The Bad & The Intrusive

A recent study has shown that intrusive parenting leads to kids that were overly critical of themselves. So how much should a parent’s expectations influence their child’s learning journey?

The Must-Have Tools Of A Young Science Communicator

What do you do when you have a science-obsessed child with many interests? Get him blogging, scrapbooking and making videos, of course!

A Young Scientist’s Starfish-Filled Holiday

With a science-obsessed kid in tow, any vacation can become a wonder-filled, educational scientific adventure.

The Times, They Are A-Changin’

In these uncertain times, we must be willing to evolve—or risk obsolescence. Problem is, how do you communicate this to seven-year-olds?

Fossils And Family Traditions

What do you do when your son insists that science trumps everything—even festive occasions and school?

The (Science Fiction) Force Awakens In My Son

A list of nostalgia-inducing science fiction movies to watch with your kids. Someone get the popcorn!

Supermarket Stocking Stuffers For Young Scientists

Scratching your head over what to get your budding scientist for Christmas? Look no further! Here's a list of cheap and cheerful options!