16 Asian Institutions Team Up On Microsatellites

The Asian Micro-satellite Consortium seeks to promote standardization and data sharing among the nine member nations.

What’s The Address? Three Little Words Can Tell You

GPS? What GPS? Three-word phrases could be a promising alternative to street names and house numbers in places where few people possess street addresses.

Mongol Empire Expansion Hindered By Wet Weather

Even mighty empires in history were at the mercy of Mother Nature—researchers theorize that the Mongol army withdrew from Hungary in 1242 CE due to sudden cold, wet conditions.

In Low- & Middle-Income Countries, Healthcare Coverage Favors The Rich

Copying the healthcare systems in developed economies is “not the answer” for quality care in low- to middle-income countries, a study says.

Climate Change Aided Genghis Khan’s Empire

Unusual climate conditions favored the advance of Mongolian military power in the time of Genghis Khan, scientists say.

Tiger Genome Reveals How Big Cats Evolved To Kill

The tiger genome has been sequenced for the first time in a study that has revealed insights into how big cats evolved to become predators.

The Billion Dollar Cashmere Industry And Its Impact In Central Asia

The multi-billion dollar global cashmere industry is placing native wild animals in Central Asia at risk, finds a new study.

U.S. Doctors Fight Air Pollution In Mongolia’s Capital

A team of doctors from the U.S. is fighting air pollution and lung disease in Mongolia's capital city, Ulaanbaatar, whose air quality is among the worst in the world.

BASF To Invest €10 billion In Asia Pacific Region

Global chemical company, BASF, plans to invest €10 billion in Asia from 2013-2020, as part of the company's Asia Pacific strategy.