Elsevier Award For Women Scientists In Developing Countries

The Elsevier Foundation, OWSD and TWAS have opened their call for nominations for the 2014 Elsevier Foundation Awards.

Experts Discuss Rising Obesity In Asia Pacific

Experts discussed the rising epidemic of obesity at the 19th Asian Pacific Congress of Cardiology in Pattaya, Thailand.

1,000-Year-Old Buddhist ‘Iron Man’ Statue Was Carved From Meteorite

A priceless thousand-year-old Buddhist statue discovered by a Nazi expedition is the first carving of a human in a meteorite.

300-Million-Year-Old Tropical Forest Buried In Volcanic Ash Discovered In China

A 300-million-year-old tropical forest preserved by volcanic ash in Inner Mongolia, China has been studied and reconstructed in paintings.

National Geographic Saves Endangered Languages With Talking Dictionaries

Linguists from National Geographic's Enduring Voices project who are racing to document endangered languages have unveiled an effective new tool: talking dictionaries.

UNICEF Launches Schools For Asia To Improve Education For Millions

UNICEF reports on a new fundraising initiative called Schools for Asia, to transform children’s lives through education.

Researchers Sequence Mongolian Genome Using DNA Of Genghis Khan Descendant

Two Mongolian universities and genomics giant BGI jointly announced today the first complete sequencing of the Mongolian genome, using the DNA of a 34th generation descendant of Genghis Khan.

Study: 30 Million Children In East Asia & Pacific Suffer From Severe Poverty

A UNICEF study analyzing child poverty in East Asia and the Pacific has found that over 30 million children were unable to go to school, or access basic health care, safe drinking water, a sanitary toilet or adequate nutrition.

Hyundai Green Zone Project Turns Inner Mongolian Desert Into Grassland

South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Company has turned 30 square kilometers of infertile desert into grassland in Inner Mongolia, China.