molecular biology

Teasing Out The Subtypes Of Bile Duct Cancer

Patients with bile duct cancer are not all alike, according to a study that analyzed the whole genomes of almost 500 patients from ten countries.

Pain Neurons Protect Bone From Fungal Invaders

More than just sensing pain, pain neurons can inhibit inflammation and bone destruction during fungal infections.

Decoding The First Sea Mussel Genome

The deep-sea mussel is the first large seafloor dweller to have its entire genome sequenced.

Targeting Super-Enhancers To Fight Leukemia

The protein TAL1 activates a ‘molecular switch’ that triggers a cluster of genes leading to the cancerous growth of T-cell precursors.

A Spider’s ‘Bite’ Sends Antibodies Into Cells

Scientists have used reengineered spider venom toxin to help antibodies escape endosomes once inside the cell.

Deleting Enzymes Takes The Edge Off Septic Shock

Inhibiting IPMK enzymes could help dampen the overexuberant immune response during sepsis, a leading cause of death from infections.

Tea Tree Genome Sequenced

Chinese scientists have sequenced the genome of the tea tree, unraveling clues about how one leaf produces many flavors.

How Beneficial Gut Bacteria Thrive On Breastmilk

Different strains of beneficial gut bacteria have evolved independent mechanisms to make the most of the sugars found in breastmilk.

Calcium Ions Help Shape The Brain

A transient increase in the concentration of calcium ions is necessary for the proper formation of the neural tube in the developing embryo.