molecular biology

How Fusion Genes Lead To Leukemia

Researchers in Japan have identified a recurring fusion gene associated with poor prognosis in pediatric T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia.

Combating Drug-Resistant Hepatitis C

A team of Japanese researchers has identified a compound that inhibits the maturation of the hepatitis C virus without selecting for resistant strains.

A High Resolution Snapshot Of DNA Repair

Scientists in China have visualized the structure of a key DNA repair component at near-atomic resolution.

Using Proteins To Protect Proteins

By using bacterial proteins as a protective shell, researchers in Singapore have developed a method to improve the yield of target proteins by 100-fold.

A Switch Controlling Odor Receptor Expression Found

Scientists have identified a DNA sequence that controls the expression of odor-detecting receptor genes.

Artificial Sugar Blocks Spread Of Liver Cancer

A modified sugar can prevent liver cancer cells from becoming invasive by disrupting a key step in the fucosylation pathway.

How Plants Control Honeybee Caste Development

Plant miRNAs from pollen can delay caste differentiation and keep ovaries inactive in honeybee larvae, thereby producing sterile worker bees.

Social Amoeba Calculate To Communicate

Slime mold can ‘calculate’ the fold-change of signaling molecules, an ability that helps it behave like a multicellular organism.

Gene Controls Whether Liver Cells Double Or Die

A molecule called YAP regulates the size of the liver by determining whether liver cells proliferate or die in response to damage.