molecular biology

Crafting A Cancer Killer

Given cancer’s many faces, scientists from Japan are tapping onto novel techniques to synthesize new drugs against the disease.

Speeding Up Virus Detection At Scale

Instead of detecting specific viral sequences, this universal virus detection platform looks for double stranded RNA.

Filling In The Gaps Of Asia’s Genetic Map

The early findings by the GenomeAsia 100K consortium shed light on the ancestral origins of Asia's populations and provide insight into adverse drug responses among Asians.

A Good BET On Liposarcoma Treatment

Scientists in Singapore have found that BET proteins play a huge role in the development of liposarcoma, making them a target for future anticancer drugs.

Nanomedicine Slips Through The Cracks To Fight Cancer

Scientists in Japan have devised a nanoparticle carrier for siRNA that can access hard-to-reach tumors, such as those of the pancreas and the brain.

Sydney Brenner, ‘father of the worm’ and decoder of DNA, dies at 92

Known for his sharp wit, visionary thinking and versatility, Brenner made many seminal contributions to molecular biology over the course of a seven-decade career.

Bioengineering Increases Rice Yield By 30 Percent

Scientists in China have developed a method called GOC bypass that can increase the yield of rice by almost 30 percent.

Combining DNA & MicroRNA Data For The Best Of Both Worlds

Researchers in Japan have established a method that integrates microRNA and genome-wide association study data to help identify the root causes of disease.

Uncovering A 400-Million-Year-Old Pheromone Sensor

A research group in Japan has discovered a pheromone-sensing gene that predates land-dwelling vertebrates.

AI Automatically Tracks Single Molecules In Cells

Researchers have developed a method of automatically tracking single fluorescent molecules in living cells, enabling the rapid analysis of large numbers of molecules.